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Novato Zoning Check
This tool, developed with staff assistance, is intended to serve as the first step in an applicant's site selection process. Please use this tool to explore Novato and determine, in general terms, where your business may be able to locate.

Please note: the information provided in this tool is not a final decision regarding your business. Zoning professionals are available within the city to assess your project. Please click the “Learn More” button at the end of this process to submit your inquiry to the city. Because many factors can affect the required permits, licenses and fees for any given business, you should use this information only as a guide and should seek detailed input from the Community Development Department before relying on the information contained herein.

This service is provided by the City of Novato to help the public access zoning information around the clock. If you cannot find a use that matches your business activity, please call us at (415) 899-8989 or email We encourage users to reach out to staff for a second opinion if you cannot find the use you are interested in or if your use appears as prohibited.

ADA Compliance: The City of Novato does not discriminate on the basis of disability in the admission or access to city programs, services, employment or other activities. The city actively strives to eliminate barriers that may prevent persons with disabilities from enjoying employment, access to city facilities and services or other benefits. Please contact Pam Shinault, ADA Coordinator at (415) 899-8290 if you have any questions.